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Fun but rewards are buggy on iOS 12

Fun to play, easy, but major issue with any “watch ad” for gems or chests option, ad plays to completion but am unable to earn any rewards. I have have chests with rewards ready to unlock in “2 minutes” for about an hour now, clicked one had option to watch ad to open him before his eternal 2 minutes was up, watched ad, and returned to main with nothing new as well as that particular chest disappearing. Otherwise rewards earned in gameplay work ok allow nice unlocks. Great gameplay but some frustrating bugs.

Love it!!

I like this game WAY more than I expected. If they can keep it from crashing and locking up, it would be perfect. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Fix the app!!


I know ads are a daily life thing for playing games on your devices. Although, I cannot even begin to explain and tell you how many times i’ve had to close out of the app, and come back into it while i’m in the middle of my game because the ad exit out button isn’t working or letting click on it. I know it’s not my phone, because once I do it several times with it working it fails to work. Get it together!!

Just no

Ads ads ads and more ads. If u have kids, most ads are adult themed. Deleted

Hey Etermax!

Nice game! I wish I knew where the Free Draw feature is. Because Pictionary is the only drawing app I have, and I don’t want to draw and have to have someone guess my drawing. I also don’t know where to connect to Facebook. Would give Pictionary 5 stars if you told me how to get these features. -Mune

Work Great but Minor Glitches

Hey there! It’s Bryce “Cre8tiv” Demby. Love your game, but there are a few problems. The amount of likes on one of my pictures is a negative amount. Why would my picture have a negative amount of likes? Also, every time I pick a card from any category, it acts like a random card! Can you fix this for me, please? Thank you!


I just spent well over an hour on a free drawing and the app crashed, losing all of my progress. I’m very upset. There needs to be a way to save and return to a drawing before posting. I can’t believe I lost all of that progress.

Kept freezing on me!!

The game itself is pretty decent, but I literally have to delete and re-download the dang game at least once a day if I play more than 5 minutes. It continues to get stuck after a round is completed and I can’t leave the screen or do anything else without completely deleting, RE downloading, and the signing in again. More than a little annoying!!!!

Ban the Cheaters

Perhaps I am just not aware of the process but it appears that I have to respond to cheaters in order t get rid of the challenge. There should be a way to block the cheater from sending you another drawing and to delete the drawing you believe is a cheat.

Love it

I highly recommend this app it awesome but is for talented artists

Used to be fun....

Okay, so I used to have Pictionary, before a big update. I downloaded it again, excited to play the game it used to be. Well now I can't play with people over the world, all I can do is "Thing Fast" and "Turn Based" playing 1 on 1. I thought turn based would be it, so I played it, and it said pass it after I sent my drawing! To be honest, I was thoroughly disappointed. I want it to bring back how you could play against random people in the world. And no, I don't mean "Think Fast". I feel many other people would agree if they used the game before the update. I hate giving bad reviews, but I'm begging you to bring back that awesome feature! It really isn't the same anymore... (P.S. I would love for you, the game creators, to please reply with your opinion and a solution to make us both happy.)

good but

Android has auto draw and iphones don’t.

It’s fun but...

This game is awesome But every time I win , I get a chest right and I watch a video to open it and once I’m done watching it , the chest doesn’t open and so I lose my Prize /: and this had happen to me like 15 times already I want my prize 😡

Glitch problem

After the annoying online ads the game glitches and then takes a long time to reload. I have to exit the game and then restart it to play again please fix.

Limited access 😫

Th game is really fun, however I am not able to change my username because I am a kid. I would also like to be able to play against my parents. If you could please fix this that would be amazing, I love this game 😍

Too many ads

Literally every four seconds you get horrible ads. This is done wrong.

Waste of time

Can’t open and connect with Facebook.


Played for two minutes. Now I want to kill myself. This game is dreadful.

Nothing shows up after guessing a picture

The game stops after I guess the picture. Nothing shows up on what to do next. If i restart the app, I’m back at the turn where I have to guess.

Like the game WAY to many ads

I started to play the game and having fun but every time the screen had to go to a different picture the was ad that you had to at the least wait for 5 seconds

It’s so frustrating!!!!!!!

So i like the game but there is just one problem I can’t figure out how to play against people all the time when I do play on one and one I can’t figure out how to play against people as when I draw I have to give the phone to a person but I don’t know how to play against people where I don’t have to give the phone to them please respond to me as soon as you can maybe if you help me it will turn into five stars please help.


I played this game a little while back, and I loved it. Playing online with my friends was so much fun! But now, for some reason, I can’t play online. I reinstalled the app, got my progress reset because I can’t login to the account I made for online AND all the online features are gone. All I have is some pass-and-play mode. I can’t tell if I have to pay money to play online now or maybe something’s wrong with my device or I have to be at a certain level to play online. Why on earth can’t I play online? Otherwise it’s a really good game, but now that I can’t access the online features I cannot recommend it.

Wish it could do this

I get on and I would like to pass and play again. I'm not going to play until that happens

Love 💕 this game addicting

{NEW} I LOVE THE FEATURE OF ARTISTS. The only thing is when a person Doesn’t feel like drawing and they use that feature to use someone else’s artwork. I think that person that draws that picture should be credited. Because then it will be faults for someone else to use someone else’s artwork and claiming it as their own.

Password technicality

I first got this game a couple days ago and accidentally deleted it. After I downloaded it again, I tried to log in, and it said that my password was incorrect, I obviously put in the right one. I tried resetting it and it gave me the password. I put in the password it gave me and it said that had to be a 6 character long password when the one the game gave me was 5.

Good and bad😬

Its ok but when I cheat it's easier when it says pass it to the other person I don't pass it and for example I just write a line and It says couch I type in couch and I get coins!!! It's ok


I like the app but I wish there was a way that you could draw and and another person could guess at the same times and then take turns doing that I would like that Plz🙂

Not great

The game was fun at first. It started to get really repetitive. After playing for a few days I saw the same word three times. It wasn’t really a competition. It wasn’t like a game. You just tried to earn more coins. It was kind of lame.

Ads ruin the game

Unskippable Interstitial ads after every play. Ugh. Needs a way to pay to remove ads. It’s not playable as is.


I like the game. But, way, way too much ads!


All right... this is a F2P game so I understand ads that said.... may be too many ads... that’s not my biggest issue with this heap of phoned-in mess of a game.... my biggest issue is the unorganized mish mash of letters you have to choose from when guessing. Idk how many I have missed due to unresponsive letter pushes or having to search for the letters. Give me a qwerty keyboard for Christ sake that way I can quickly play rounds effectively and give you the money for your ad before my next run. Game adds a QWERTY keyboard it’s 3.5 star at best but as is.... one star.


The same clues/phrases/etc are cycled through so often that I can guess what the other person is drawing my without them needing to draw at all. There are buttons to watch a video to speed things up/skip things but they rarely work. Also I think that you should earn more for tackling more difficult drawings and get punished for skipping. Without those features there is no motion action to try harder things.

Don’t Bother

The Ads are ridiculous. Insanely annoying. Don’t even bother with the free version of this app.


I believe this game should be friendly for all ages When it comes to drawing,It really becomes a great talent! And one more thing,If the developers are reading this right now,Thank Them For The Game!!!😃😄😁😀

A harassing amount of ads

The games ok. They just copied draw something which in my opinion is better than this. The ads r unbearable they pop up every five minutes. Wouldn’t download again

Paying Customers and Ads?

The game is fun and I totally understand the need to generate revenue. In fact, I’ll often buy something in any game that provides entertainment and a quality worthy of recognition. However; that fine line between acceptable and greedy is crossed once a customer pays... To effectively “double dip” by offering in-game purchases only to force us through ads has made an otherwise 5 Star game, mediocre at best. Want my 5 Stars as badly as you want my hard-earned money? Change your ad-flow to go silent when customers pay... I’m even ok with a higher threshold (i.e. $4.99 or higher) and would gladly pay it for a game that has much potential. Now, for a couple suggestions (not money related). 1. Add a Random Card deck in the board game section. One that pulls from all decks unlocked. 2. Add a Play button in this same section that launches the Free Draw pad so users will stay in your app to draw the card they just picked vs. go back to pencil and paper. 3. Add a timer (adjustable) to this section that (again) makes this area so appealing families across the world will use it instead of digging out the box, parts, pieces, etc. IMHO, THAT’s how you lead people to purchase your products... not the click through profits (cheapening the experience) you’re attempting to make up by volume. Thanks for making a good app. Do the things above and you’ll have mine and thousands of other’s appreciation for making a GREAT app instead of buyer’s remorse. All meant constructively. Thanks for reading.

Improvement ideas

1- the game should connect people more by adding comments section, likes (sort of like Instagram). It feels a bit isolating. 2- you should be able to choose the colors you want when upgrading, and I feel like the brush cards are unnecessary 3-More colors and brushes should be added, and opacity should be changeable. 4-chests shouldn't be a thing, or at least not to that point. You shouldn't have to wait to get your rewards. also, the prize wheel after every game is a bit unnecessary 5-Upgrading your tools shouldn't be the only way to gain experience. I love this game, but I think it could be so much better and more attractive to future players Also, THERE ARE SO MANY ADS

I’m stuck at the beginning where the pencil drawers octopus after I guess it freezes


Need lots of help

I love the game but how do u have random people that guess instead of friends?

Clear Cash Grab

The game is absolutely fun but the ads absolutely ruin it. Every 35 seconds a new ad comes up and it make your watch it. In about 30 minutes of using the app I’d say I only got to play the game for about 6 minutes, the rest? I spent watching ads.

Fun. However, annoying adds

How to remove adds ??

Ridiculous ads outweigh the enjoyment

The game itself is great, but the ads are just annoying enough to where the hassle of dealing with them just outweighs the enjoyment of playing the game. A recent one I’ve had pop up is for some game service charging $9.99/month but there is no “X” button to close it and when I click the cancel button, nothing happens. So I end up having to exit out of the app entirely and re-open it. I finally tried clicking the “I agree” button on the ad, assuming it’d take me to another page where I could potentially exit out of the ad, but it ended up automatically charging to my phone bill so now that’s created a whole new hassle for me to deal with. Absolutely ridiculous.


Please put Arabic language


I love the app. I want to see it improve, but It has some major flaws. I hope the developers read this so that they can improve on the app and make it better. Flaws in the game: 1. If I accidentally press the “Auto Draw” button while I am drawing, it ERASES my entire drawing. I spent a lot of time and effort on a particular drawing, was very happy with it, but then I accidentally tapped the huge auto draw button next to the pen tool. When I tapped to button again to resume my drawing, my drawing had been automatically erased. It is very frustrating to lose all your hard work because of accidentally touching the button. Move the auto draw button somewhere else, make the button smaller, or fix the issue. Knowing that I may accidentally touch the Auto Draw button and potentially lose my hard worked on drawing makes me not want to play the game again. 2. The erase tool takes too long to upgrade. Erasing is a major component of drawing. It shouldn’t be so difficult to level up such an important tool. Sometimes I want to add detail to a drawing, but I am unable to because I cannot zoom in enough. Please make it easier to upgrade the erase tool or make the cards for the erase tool appear more frequently. 3. I cannot know whether people made the drawing themselves or if they used Auto Draw. I would like it if you guys told me when someone is using their own drawing or if someone has used the Auto Draw feature. I don’t like that users take all the credit for an Auto Drawn picture when they didn’t even draw it. Please make a way for me to know the difference. 4. Number of likes do not appear under a drawing. I’m glad that we're given the option to like drawings but I cannot see the number of likes a certain picture has. Please make a way for users to know the amount of likes a drawing has. 5. No comment section. Sometimes I see a really great drawing and I want to mention something about it. But I cannot because there is no way for me to comment on a drawing. Please add a comments section to drawings. 6. No way for me to know when someone has begun to follow me or when someone has liked my drawing. I think you guys should add a small notification tab/button on the bottom that when a user taps on it, they can see when someone follows them or likes their drawing. 7. No mix tool. Sometimes, I’d like to mix colors when drawing to create a nice blending effect but i’m unable to because there is no mix tool. 8. No layers. I like to add a background, colors, the actual image, and then details. It is very difficult for me to do that without layers to work on. 9. No way for me to know how to get my drawing into the featured section. I draw some excellent drawings but they never make the featured section, which I find odd. If you guys could have some guidelines or post some qualifications of what a drawing needs to get featured, that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope the developers improve this app. It has so much potential!


Since you can now use other players drawings the Game is no longer fun nor challenging. What’s the point in playing???

Illegal pop ups

You should fix your ASAP before you are shut down from being sued. You continue to force people into paying for your app because your “advertisements” a vast majority of the time aren’t actually able to be closed out of. The “X” option does not work. You have to force the app closed and hope that it doesn’t force you back into that same advertisement. This is illegal especially since it is a known bug.


Why is it you can delete any game you want EXCEPT offensive ones?! Someone sent me a drawing with the N word and a what I’m guessing to be a self portrait of his penis. It will not let me swipe and delete! The last time I got an offensive drawing it wouldn’t let me delete either. Can’t this be fixed?! It ruins an otherwise fun game.

Very Disappointed

I absolutely loved this game until I discovered the screen freezes at a certain point during every game — and not just once, but — in my experience — it froze each and every time I guessed my opponent’s drawing/picture correctly. After I hit the “continue” button, the game didn’t do anything — it wouldn’t go back, or forward, or even show signs of life. Ultimately, if I wanted to keep playing the game, I had to turn my phone off and back on again, thereby rebooting the game so that it would let me play again. But that’s way too much of a headache just to keep the game going — especially if it’s required every time I reach a certain screen during every single game I play. I’m very disappointed. Uninstalled.

Lost account and game progress

After emailing support for an issue I was having where my gallery drawings were showing up as black screens rather than my drawings, I was advised to uninstall and reinstall the app, and they even made a point to say that I would not lose any of my game information. After reinstalling and signing back in with my Facebook acct (just as I had the first time), I lost all of my account information, games, tools, and gallery drawings. My game progress was completely wiped out. How frustrating to lose everything I had worked to get.

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