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Lost account and game progress

After emailing support for an issue I was having where my gallery drawings were showing up as black screens rather than my drawings, I was advised to uninstall and reinstall the app, and they even made a point to say that I would not lose any of my game information. After reinstalling and signing back in with my Facebook acct (just as I had the first time), I lost all of my account information, games, tools, and gallery drawings. My game progress was completely wiped out. How frustrating to lose everything I had worked to get.

New Game

In the New Game section there were two options 1 on 1 where you play with one person next to you and 1 vs random or something like that. In the 1 vs random is you play against people to try to get the 5 pictures right. I would give this 5 stars if they added a new game type. Just like Trivia Crack you play against a random person and you draw a picture and send it to them and than they draw a picture and so on. This game is really good it just needs some adjusting. Thank you for reading this and taking time out of your day!😜

Fun game but the ads are deceptive

This game is fun and it’s my go to game to pass the time but recently I have started getting the same ad repeatedly (it’s a slot machine game) and the “x” to exit the ad and return to the game is hidden in the black, out of the picture and is invisible. It took me many attempts to find the x so it keeps taking me to download the ap. Additionally there are times after I guess the picture, when after clearing the ad, it sends me back to the same screen but there is no button to go to the next screen and pick my subject card.

Not liking it

With the new update, now we are limited to make only 3 guesses (3 lives). With not so good drawings, it is difficult to guess the answer plus the spaces/characters are gone too so we don’t even know how long the word is or it’s a 2 or 3 word answer. Many times the answer is not guessable. I don’t like this update. Please go back to the prior setting. Thanks

Poorly made😕

I wish there were more thought put into this game. There’s really no outcome in any game. They seem pointless. And so many times an ad has popped up and I have to clear the game out of my tabs because it freezes. I will say it is a pretty fun game if you have friends that play it that you can compete with. Other than that I’m pretty disappointed.


Was fun for a minute but the constant ads you can’t get out of plus the frequent lack of a “continue” button that keeps you stuck on a screen forcing you to close the app and reopen it in order to advance in your game is beyond annoying

Advertisements have become way too intrusive

While the game has remained essentially the same, the ads have increased and have become MUCH more intrusive. What was initially static image ads has morphed into TWO-PART ads where you are first shown a difficult-to-skip video of some other game, and then when you manage TO “X” it out (and they move the X around from ad to ad in order to make it more difficult to do so, up loads a SECOND ad with trial to play the game and a hard-to-avoid link to it in the AppStore. No, I’m not interested in Angry Birds or Toy Popping or whatnot! The level of intrusiveness of these ads has sucked out what little enjoyment that has remained in this app

Trouble since update

I play this game with friends all the time. Since the last update, it freezes every time I have a correct guess. I have to close out of the game every time. It’s beyond frustrating. Very close to deleting.


Needs some fixing...ASAP!!!


Game freezes after guessing correctly and the ad goes away. It will just sit at the opponents drawn picture and you have to restart the app to keep playing. PLEASE FIX!


After I guess a drawing the screen just randomly freezes and doesn’t do anything unless I refresh the app. This seriously needs to be fixed. I hate having to close the app over and over again just to continue playing.

Update broke the game

There's nothing better than ads that load twice, the x's don't work, and then when you can get back to the game CONTINUE button doesn't exist. Instead of force quitting every single time I take a turn, twice every single turn (because ads are after you guess and after you draw) I'm uninstalling and not going to contribute to this utter piece of terrible trash.

Bugs need to be fixed

I have been playing pictionary for a while. Now I am having trouble getting the keypad up, or the keypad is over the word I have to guess. I hit continue and nothing happens. This started on the last update.


I hate it when it sticks and I have delete and then reinstall

Questions questions

This game is overall very fun. The only thing is, is that I see people with there “profile pics” and I’m like “hey I want mah own” and I don’t know how to get it. I go in my profile and nothing happens. Can someone help me? Thanks, Maddieez ♥️👏


This is the most boring unrevised game I have ever played!?!?!!?? First of all it is no fun when all the people do is write the word that they are supposed to DRAW!?!??!!?! And second of all PEOPLE CANT DRAW!?! I have spent over 500 coins getting hints on what someone’s random scribbles are!?!! And third of all....... THE GAME IS BEYOND BORING!?! They don’t bother to add any fun features to this dumb game!? So there THAT is why i hate the dumb game that I am about to uninstall.

Good but dang those ads

The game is enjoyable but the amount of ads are simply overwhelming. I understand needing to make money off of a free game but seeing ads literally every time you do something is frustrating.

You can’t play online

I really want to play online it would be so fun

Great game except the ads

This game is REALLY good and I love it but I HAD TO DELETE because of the ads. It just makes me mad that the only way to get rid of them is to pay, which I dont want to do

Lit mas

To many adds but awesome for kids who need to work on drawing skills

Too many ads

This game would be sooo great if there wasn’t an ad every 10 seconds... 🙄😒

Loading severs

This loading sever is really annoying and slow. They need to fix all the bus in this game like on my iPhone I tried to download it and it said no connected to wifi and I was right next to my wifi box!!!! Whenever waiting it disconnects the wifi

Repetitive, and forced payments are awful

I agree with the previous reviewer’s comments about the obnoxiousness of the constant advertisements trying to get you to pay to play the game in a better way. But almost worse than that is the fact that the choices of pictures are so repetitive. You don’t have to be playing long before you realize you’re going to be drawing the same pictures over and over and guessing the same pictures over and over. I deleted the game after I got too bored to continue. I suspect that other players feel the same because they often will write the answers in English letters rather than draw the same pictures over and over.

Fun but could use improvement

The game is fun and all, but sometimes no one wants to play with me, but I want to guess and draw. There should really be away to play with other people. Every time you draw a picture and the other person guesses, you have to watch an ad, spin a wheel and then select everything again. Also, when I guess the drawing, I know the answer but with only certain letters available it takes me a long time to find the letters and type them in.


Add Arabic please 😁💙! You put all these languages it’s not hard to put Arabic


After playing this game for 2 days i became obsessed. i was playing it nonstop all night and as soon as i woke up. After work i decided to go on and play. i had tons of drawings to guess from and was extremely excited; until i received a “drawing” that said “u are a crappy drawer f” not using those words of course, i drew back, “i try my best” after a day of just using my fingers i went out and got a stylist to make the app much easier to use. I put alot of time and effort into my drawings mean less to say i am only 17 and i definitely am not an artist. So after that i decided to delete this amazing app.


Freezes and won’t allow me to play another round in one day

0/10 -ign

more advertisements than actual gameplay.

Has A Lot if Potential

Ok, I’ll be honest, this is way better than Draw Something and games like that because it has more tools. But, the makers of the app seem money-hungry. Even if this is not true, there are too many ads. Another thing is the chests. When a player guests your drawing right you get a chest. The problem is, there’s too little spots for them. I play a lot of people at a time because they all play at different times. When they all take their turn, I get to play a lot. I love playing, but I always earn too many chests. I earn 8 hour and 12 hour chests, so I have to wait so long so I have slots or I sacrifice getting new tools and coins so I can play. Once they fix these problems, I will rate this game 5 stars. Until then, I will wait 12 hours between my turns.

None of the drawings are coming up


Insufferable Ads

Look, it’s a free game and the developers need to make money, sure. But the ads are relentless, you’ll see about two ads per interaction with a round, it’s too invasive and frustrating, especially if you want to play multiple games at a time. Combine that with the strange need to restrict colors, pencil types and even strokes, this game devolves into Cash Grab: The Reckoning. Fun game though.

Great App!

The app’s great, not too many ads, but with the new update, when I try to speed up a chest by watching an ad, the app crashes or reloads after the ad is finished and the chest disappears without giving me anything.

Good but reports don’t do anything

The app is fine just you need to kick some people off I have people swearing and being inappropriate, and I’ve sent in many reports and they all are still playing one of them is @kylahjack4.112 So if you are seeing this please kick this person out or contact me so I can show you what they did

First ad was 60 seconds.

Really? A 60 second ad? At the beginning of my first game? No thanks, instant uninstall.

why did you get rid of 2v2?

2v2 was the reason i downloaded this app.i played it on my laptop and it doesn’t have that anymore.i think it is dum and that they should put that back.

Way too many ads just like the other app they make

Horrible amount of ads. Said they would fix , still bad.




I was using the game on the English language but all of my quick matches are in Spanish.

Can’t guess if I don’t know the language

Love the game BUT can you fix the Think Fast game. I can’t guess the drawings in a different language!!!!!

I want English cards

It’s giving me cards in Portuguese and Spanish.


Fun game but think fast is stuck in Spanish for me even though it says English


I don’t speak Spanish. My settings all say English. I even tried setting it to Spanish, playing a game and then switching back. This is on Think Fast mode. Nothing but Spanish. No bueno.

Works halfway

The one on one works well, but you only get one turn. I'd like it if you could keep passing it until someone misses. The Guess the Sketch works, but the answers and categories are in Spanish under the Spanish and English language selection.😡


The languages keep switching in the middle of the game


The language is set to English and yet it keeps trying to get me to guess Spanish clues.

Too much ads

I have trouble believing how so many people gave this a five star rating, the ads are too frequent and repetitive to the point where the game is no longer that worth it!

Facebook link doesn’t work

Trying to play with fb friends but I can’t link up with my fb account. Have tried multiple times and keeps saying it failed to link ☹️


😘 👕 👖

Feeling frustrated.

My app updated two days ago and now all of a sudden the button to send drawings does not work!

Poorly designed and NOT user friendly

The amount of ads is intrusive and makes the game overall not fun. The developers are more concerned with you paying for the ad-free version and buying in app purchases than making a quality game. In multiple instances I got the many duplicate words sequentially which is pointless. Will be deleting this app... I suggest avoiding the frustration.

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